Bending Machines for small bending parts in highest precision

gebogene Bauteile im ÜberblickMini Bending Machines from Blech-Tec GmbH are specially developed for small and very small bending parts.

For example for technical springs and contacts, that other machines can not bend and otherwise require special tools.
From smallest bending parts with 0,05mm, up to 3mm spring steel, or 5mm busbars and much more.
Blech-Tec offers the perfect bending machines, from the first development to the medium series.

Highest precision, flexibility, repeatability and reproducibility are achieved by our high-quality tools and our special bending processes.

Extreme savings in tooling costs, setting and bending time generate the affordable purchase price in the shortest possible time. Not to be forgotten are the sharply shortened development times from weeks and months to a few hours.

Our machines at a glance

Precision bending with the bending machine BT-150 from Blech-Tec for springs and contacts …

Press brake bending, folding, pressing – on one machine! The combination of the different kinds of bending, even in one program, offers the maximum flexibility.

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Why a precision bending machine from Blech-Tec?

  • Patented bending technology

  • Highest precision - Made in Germany

  • Developed especially for small parts

  • High potential for money saving

  • Tool making is largely omitted

  • Multiple steps with one machine

  • Simple operation

  • Sales and service directly from the manufacturer

Frequently asked questions

Do the BT-150 and the BT-500 cover the same part sizes?

No, due to its size and design, the BT-150 is specially designed for the smallest bending parts.

The BT-500 is also designed for small bending parts, but not for such extremely small parts as the BT-150. It is stronger and provides additional to swivel bending, press brake bending and pressing. It covers the next larger, stronger part size. Of course, a certain spectrum overlaps.

Who are mainly the customers?

  • Automotive industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Spring factories
  • Lamp and luminaire industry
  • Medical technology
  • Companies for fine laser or etching technology
  • Aviation and space technology
  • Communication technology
  • Furniture industry and much more

What is so special about the Blech-Tec patents?

  • Complex parts are usually possible, without special tools
  • Significantly shorter lengths feasible
  • Hardly deformation for holes close to the bending line
  • Edges, that are slanted to the bending line, move these no longer.
  • Hardly any bending marks from the swivel bending (folding)
  • Defined radii are created and not just curves
  • Results are very similar to those of the progressive tools
  • The cobination of the different bending processes enables enormous flexibility
  • Extreme savings on time and tooling costs

Where are these small bending machines produced?

The machines are made in Germany. The production is 20km south of Munich.
Suppliers preferably come from the local area.

What are the accuracy of the mini bending machines?

The BT-150, and the BT-500 operate both with a repeat accuracy of 0.01mm and 0.1°. Inaccuracies are only caused by inaccurate insertion or changing sheet metal qualities.