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Blech-Tec was founded on 1 March 2003 as a registered merchant (e.K.) and in 2012 the company's legal status was changed to a limited company (GmbH).

Initially, Blech-Tec was involved exclusively in contract production of component parts, small series production and assemblies of fine sheet and foils from 0.05 to 4.0 mm. The material focus was on various types of steel, spring steel and aluminium, as well as nonferrous metals. Right from the start, Blech-Tec never manufactured mass-produced goods, but rather manufactured extremely complex parts with extremely high precision for prototypes and for small series production.

Our customers demanded ever smaller and more precise parts; a demand which quickly took us to our limits with our conventional machines. In order to meet these requirements we developed an extremely small, controlled precision bending machine for the smallest bent components, the BT-150. At last even these small parts, such as technical springs, contacts, covers and holders could be quickly, precisely and cost-effectively produced without special tools.

Through use of combinable sections of stepped toolsets on the programmable BT-150, manufacturing times were reduced from weeks and days to just hours and minutes. Manufacturing became significantly more precise, tool costs were dispensed with. Initially we still used our BT-150 for contract production, however we quickly recognized the high demand in the industry.

Through the extensive demand for our BT-150 mini bending machine we quickly established ourselves as a machine manufacturer. Today we concentrate only on the further development, construction and sales of the BT-150; we ceased our contract production activity.

Our BT-150 mini bending machine is primarily used in the automotive, electronics and lighting industries, but also in the medical technology industry, as well as in the furniture industry. The BT-150 is impressive with its repeatability and its fast and high-precision adjustment possibilities.

The programs and the fast, process-reliable set up guarantee subsequent problem-free reproducibility. Changes do not require a new tool or reworking of a tool. Expensive, time-intensive tool construction for each individual part, with subsequent stockkeeping, is a thing of the past. In the meantime, tool makers from around the world and from all industry sectors are developing their springs, contacts and other small bent components on the BT-150.

Our facility in Sauerlach, Altkirchen district, is conveniently located south of Munich, just outside the city limits. Through the location on the A8 and A99, Blech-Tec can be reached quickly and easily from outside of Munich, and we can also be reached quickly and easily from Munich. The S-Bahn station S3 Sauerlach is only approximately 3 km away.